Current Projects

Khalil Jefferson Memorial Dock

Khalil Jefferson Memorial Dock reconstruction

Help us repair the dock on the South Tar Greenway to honor Khalil’s legacy and inspire others to seek help on their journey to better mental health! Donate here.

Plastic bottles lined up

Litter cleanups

We run regular trash cleanups all throughout the greenway. Want to get involved? Check our events calendar.

Person painting wayfinding marker on the greenway

Wayfinding markers

In conjunction with Recreation & Parks, we have been adding frog-shaped wayfinding markers to certain greenway sections to improve continuity, wayfinding, and aesthetics. This project is sponsored by UBE

Greenway bench

Facilitating new amenities

Many of the benches, kiosks, picnic tables, and information signs, and other amenities along the greenway are facilitated through FROGGS. Interested in funding an amenity? Make a donation!

If you would like to provide content and photographs for an informational sign, contact us. FROGGS is seeking topics related to West Greenville and local African American history connected to the Tar River for the West Greenville Greenway extension.

FROGGS members tabling

Community outreach

We participate in many community events throughout the year to educate members of the community about greenways and to encourage new members. Look out for us at your next event!

FROGGS shade garden

Shade garden maintenance

FROGGS maintains a shade garden structure along the South Tar River greenway portion (near the off-leash dog park). We organize volunteer work days to maintain the shade garden, including weeding, planting flowers, cutting back vegetation, and cleaning.

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