There are eleven educational (interpretive) signs along our Greenways.  FROGGS serves as a caretaker for these signs.  In many cases, we paid for the signs. With others, we served as a non-profit recipient of specific donations intended to finance the signs.  We can help coordinate the funding, creation and installation of interpretive signs for any group, organization or individual.  Costs range between $2000-$3000 for standard signs.  Once installed, FROGGS maintains the signs, keeps them clean and will replace worn or aged parts when necessary.

A walk along the greenway becomes so much more when a visitor connects the path to those who walked there centuries before. There are endless opportunities to find deeper connections. When a connection is made between a visitor and a location, appreciation is created, and actions can occur.

Through the skillful use of engaging text, design and layout, the interpretation will come to life.

The National Park Service suggests that an interpretive sign will be read in 45 seconds or less. 

Sign 1 "Tar River Bluffs"

Sign 2 "Fossils of Green Mill Run"

Sign 3 "Aliens Among Us"

Sign 4 "Spanish Moss In Pitt County"

Sign5 "Greenville Waterworks and the Tar River"

Sign 6 "Friends Overlook"

Sign 7 "Work Boats on the Tar"

Sign 8 "Why the Tar River is important"

Sign 9 "Hurricane Floyd in Greenville"

Sign 10 "Native Americans in the Tar River Valley"

Sign 11 "The Treasure Trove of biodiversity of the southeastern U.S."