Our organizational leadership consists of our Officers (chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary) and a Board of Directors consisting of up to 15 members who serve in various capacities as committee leaders, project coordinators, social media managers, etc. 

Are you interested in joining the board? New board members can be voted in after they’ve attended 3 consecutive board meetings. Want to get in touch? Email us at froggsgreenville@gmail.com.


Chair: Jill Twark
Vice Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Brianna Long
Secretary: Charles Jenkins

Board Members

Event planning: Bree Wisseman
Event planning: Polina Krassovskaia
Event planning: Scott Wisseman
Grants manager: Will Fantle
Social Media: Jake Postma
Chris Mansfield
Shelly Tennant
Kat Dale
Amanda Putzer
Craig Becker

Email: froggsgreenville@gmail.com
Friends of Greenville GreenwaysP.O. Box 2544Greenville, NC 27836